All ST+ART India, wants to do is to make your average day a little prettier! Festival founders Arjun Bahl, Hanif Kureshi, Giulia Ambrogi, and Akshat Nauriyal aspire to bring artists and their work, out of the galleries and studios, beyond closed spaces, beyond the wine & cheese openings, bang onto the streets, to where the real people are!

DELHI 2015

Dozens of street artists from various corners of India and the world, even as far as Europe, Iran, USA, Uruguay, Japan and Australia, turned up in the capital, to create the first ever public art district in India, ‘The Lodhi Art District’. Artists (such as Harshvardhan Kadam) worked tirelessly on the walls of the colony for months. The process involved the local community of Lodhi Colony as well as government bodies. The end product; a fabulous spectacle, as a riot of colors burst upon the drab public spaces.



From Delhi, ST+ART is moving on to Bangalore. For a month, the city is going to be filled with murals, installations, performances, talks & screenings. Some of the influential international artists to look out for at ST+ART Bangalore 2016 are Anpu and Daku from Delhi, Inkbrushnme from Mumbai, Guesswho from Bangalore, Artez from Serbia, Dan Goldman and Ram Devineni from USA among others.


Nine Indian and International artists shall be flying down to paint the city red and every other colour imaginable. Walls and spots, all through Necklace Road, will come alive with art in all its various forms. Artists to look forward to in Hyderabad are Dia Mehta Bhupal, Neelim Mahant, Nilesh, Swati & Vijay, Jean Luc Feugeas, Alber and Remed from France, and Nikola Mihajlovic from Serbia.



Giulia sighs and says, “Well, the entire experience is very hectic and challenging. We plan to open four more public art districts in India by 2020! Our partner, Asian Paints, has been very supportive. They are in sync with our long term vision of bringing art to public spaces. But it’s an effort to make local governments and the community to understand what we are trying to do.”



When Giulia was asked about what ST+ART India would like to #GetMore of, she replied, “Our driving force is passion! This isn’t a monetary matter. The vision is to make art democratic and accessible. Art needs to impact the daily lives of all people.

We also want to get more opportunities for the artists, to help them pursue a career in art and achieve success. There isn’t much for artists in India. The salaries are sparse, and there aren’t enough galleries which will open up to them.”


Source for all images and videos: ST+ART India’s Facebook Page

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