The children are our future is a simple and universal truth. They will go on to build the world of tomorrow, and it’s our responsibility that they grow up in a holistic healthy happy environment. Children need to be taught empathy, teamwork, critical thinking, and the importance of expressing themselves. And what better way to instill these values than through the medium of theatre?

With exactly these ideals in mind, was born the Hyderabad Children’s Theatre Festival. Established in 2010, it is the brainchild of Vaishali Bisht, Deepthi Pendurty & Priyankaa Vir. The Festival has year after year brought stellar performances from some of the country’s best theatre troupes to the city.

“CBSE has put theatre in their syllabus. Theatre in education, has proved itself in various other contexts, and schools in the city have become very aware of its possibilities. We have more demand from schools than we can fulfill. We have children who come back year after year, for the past six years. We are used to having full houses with the balconies open!” says Vaishali Bisht.

Source: HCTF

Source: HCTF

What’s in store this year? Some fantastic Theatre and some more of it!

Puppetry Workshop (11th December, 2016) 

This year’s Festival kickstarts with a puppetry workshop for 12 year olds and above, hosted by Katkhatha and a Bommalollu troupe from Ammapuram.


Source: HCTF

Dinosaur by Katkatha (12th December, 2016)

The Festival brings Dinosaur by Katkatha – a puppetry group from Delhi. Katkatha, started in 1998, and has  been involved in using applied puppetry for performances, workshops, community/youth development & mobilization, and training. Dinosaur is a story about a lost baby dinosaur who is adopted by a seemingly ferocious raptor, who teaches him how to survive.

Jujubee by Perch (13th December, 2016)

Perch, a theatre group from Chennai brings us Jujubee. This is a fantastical production featuring puppets, masks and additional live music. The story explores topics of systemic oppression and imminent freedom; revolving around an evil king and his bird Jujubee. Come find out who the unlikely heroine is who saves the day!

Elephant in the Room by Dur Se Brothers (14th December, 2016)

The festival comes to a smashing close with Dur Se Brother’s production Elephant in the Room. Designed, directed and performed by Yuki Elias, and premiered this year at The Park’s New Festival, Elephant in the Room is the story of a young boy – Master Tusk – and how he strives to find a place in the world, despite his misshapen physical form. A fascinating solo performance, it’s a must watch.

 To quote Vaishali – “If you count all the productions we’ve hosted & staged over the past 6 years, the children watching them have been exposed to an entire universe of theatre. When they grow up to be exposed to the arts, they already have a head start. They already have an eye for art cultivated over years of observation, and now finally a platform to use that.”

Tickets for the festival are available on BookMyShow.

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