Do you have a flair for acting? Does the Stage seem like an ideal playground? Does the glory of the arc lights excite you? If you answered Yes for all then The Drama School, Mumbai is the right place to be. The institute aims to unleash the actor within you and polish your theatre skills

The Start of something New

Jehan Manekshaw and Tasneem Fatehi started the Theatre Professionals in 2008 with the aim to establish world level theatre practices in India. An extension of this grew into The Drama School which was founded in Mumbai in 2013. The conveners include Yuki Ellias, an alumnus of London International School of Performing Arts.

Come One, Come All!

The Drama School offers courses that could be taken up and completed within a time period ranging from 4 weeks to one year.

One Year Certificate Course- As the name suggests, this is a full time course that is coupled with rigorous training exercises in the form of Yoga, Kalaripayattu and other fitness forms. All the fundamentals of performance including script reading, body movements, voice conditioning and the important aspects of research are taught by highly experienced faculty.

The course ends with the students staging an original piece of work in the form of a stage performance. Hence, completing the journey from script to stage.

The Indian Theatre Programme- Specially designed to promote the art of traditional Indian theatre, this programme is a four-week course. The first three weeks are used to let students learn the ‘Natyashastra’ while the last week sees performances being staged by the participants of this course.

Short Courses- For those of you who hold the love for drama in their hearts but time constraints are an issue, short courses are offered at the school.

Weekend Acting Programme and Part Time Acting Programme are aimed at imparting theatre skills to those who need theatre techniques in their own line of profession other than stage. It lasts for four weekends.


If you happen to be an experienced theatre practitioner looking for courses that could hone your skills better, The Drama School offers Advanced level workshops as well as Masterclasses to help you sharpen your weaker side.

The ‘Margarita with a Straw’ fame Kalki Koechlin has been an Actor, Writer, Director and Participant in the Intensive Drama Program, 2009 with the Theatre Professionals. Interestingly, she had announced opening up her own theatre company, ‘Little Productions’ in June, 2015. ‘Rang De Basanti’s suave Kunal Kapoor has also been a participant of the Intensive Drama Program, 2011 with the Theatre Professionals.


Transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly

The Drama School, although relatively new, offers a plethora of theatre skills being imparted in the most advanced yet traditional way. The School focuses on the significance of hard core, pure theatre practices in an environment that nurtures stage talent. It helps build up the confidence which is a prerequisite for any stage artist to succeed.

Importance of Art Education cannot be undermined as it opens those channels of mind that you had thought would always remain closed. In order to appreciate the art of theatre, one must respect and understand the nuances of the art form which The Drama School prepares you for.

Just like a tree climbing caterpillar which digests itself to turn into a majestic butterfly, to understand the art of theatre no shortcuts must be chosen. A good drama school will enhance your chances of becoming a true version of yourself as an artist.

As Willem Dafoe quotes, “Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.”


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