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Ever wondered what it must feel to be a theatre director? A job that has the challenging task of bringing together the many complex pieces of a production- the script, actors, set, costumes, lighting, sound and music into a unified whole. A creative visionary who seeps into the playwright’s mind, soaks himself in the script, helps actors evoke and emote the most inarticulate feelings in situations absurd. The most exciting and extremely fulfilling job, in the field of arts no doubt. An honor, truly!


So, would you like to give it a shot?

As part of a bilateral year of cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and India in celebration of Shakespeare, the British Council gives you one such golden opportunity. Come! Be a part of this interactive technology based initiative! Here is your chance to sit in the director’s chair!

How does it work?

Mix the Play invites you to create a scene from two of Shakespeare’s most loved plays, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s DreamA Midsummer Night’s DreamA Midsummer Night’s Dream. Using film samples and effects, you can control a range of elements, including casting, setting and music. You start off by interpreting the gist of the play. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet, while keeping the conflict of the story intact, you can decide the course of the conflict; traditional differences, cultural divide or modern life problems.

Next up is my favorite segment; auditions. Who wouldn’t want to direct actors like Kalki Koechlin, Kriti Pant, Adil Hussain or Tushar Pandey? Right! Or in case of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, have the honour of watching Brian Vernel, Jade Anouka, Genevieve Barr and Aimee-Ffion Edwards work their magic!

Then figure out the production design, costume design and music of the scene. Personalize it by adding your name, sit back and wait for the software to mix it all up. Voila! Yell with glee as the video with your direction starts playing! The platform is intuitive and it is easy to share your creations on social media. You do not require any prior knowledge of directing.mixtheplay3

Technology is awesome, right? What are you waiting for? Make your own scene and experience Shakespeare as you never have before, all at the press of that key!

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