“The core mandate of Aadyam has been to build an audience to go for theatre while also pushing theatre makers to innovate and produce quality performances of scale and substance,” – Divya Bhatia, Aadyam- Artistic Director.


A belief, a promise, a commitment… that is now getting bigger and better!

Aadyam- An Aditya Birla Group initiative in its 3rd edition promises to take audience experience to an all new high. Over the next 8 months, theatre goers in the cities of Mumbai and Delhi are in for a treat as theatre veterans from across the country, unveil some original and experimental productions, a total of seven plays and 65 shows.


This year, Aadyam experiments with a new format, the Black Box, a recent innovation in theatre, in two of its productions, namely; Guards at the Taj and Gajab Kahani. As the name suggests, the Black Box is a bare room with walls and a flat floor. The audience lounge out on the floor and watch the actors perform, from up close. Minimal or nearly no props are used. One unconsciously focuses more on the human element and less on the technical elements. An approach that is both intimate and immersive.

The Play List   

Guards at the Taj

Directed by Danish Hussain

Mumbai theatre group The Hoshruba Repertory will stage Guards at the Taj. The play tells the story of two guards, Humayun and Babur, who stand guard to the epic Taj Mahal just before it is to be revealed to the world. The tasks they are entrusted with and the conflict in their sense of loyalty, is what forms the crux of the story.


Gajab Kahani

Directed by Mohit Takalkar

One of the leading modern-day Marathi theatre groups, Aasakta Kalamanch from Pune will perform Gajab Kahani. Loosely based on Nobel laureate Jose Saramago’s, The Elephant’s Journey. This play is the story of Solomon, the elephant and his mahout, Subhro who traverse long distances, across myriad landscapes, encountering  villagers and town folks, who experience a crazy conundrum in their lives with an elephant suddenly in their midst.


Bandish – 20-20,000Hz

Directed by Purva Naresh

Aarambh Mumbai has been continuously evolving itself with great plays in Hindi over the past 6 years. Bandish is the story of two singers reliving their glorious past, sharing between themselves some witty anecdotes and philosophical viewpoints.


Anand Express

Directed by Nadir Khan

Veteran theatre group Rage Productions, brings Anand Express. Three ‘chaddi buddies’ set out to give their fourth friend a fitting farewell. A road trip to scatter his ashes in the river Anand. The four actors essay multiple roles, making the production a comically chaotic and yet deeply emotional one.


Mother Courage and her Children

Directed by Quasar Thakore Padamsee

One of Bertolt Brecht’s best works, Mother Courage and Her Children, is the story of Mother Courage, who runs a canteen and strives to exist between the absurdities of war. Padamsee has revamped the same to tell it in his own style.


Under The Gypsy Moon

Directed by Akarsh Khurana

Bombay’s award winning theatre group, AKVarious Production will perform Under The Gypsy Moon. The story of a man, Srikanta, a nomad who lives all by himself and who cannot commit to a place or relationship for long. He encounters two women and the effect they have on his attitude and approach to society.


3 Penny Opera

Directed by Imaad Shah

3 Penny Opera is a production by Motley, a Naseeruddin Shah and Benjamin Gilani founded group. Macheath, a charming bandit gets married to Polly Peachum. This obviously doesn’t go down well with her father, who is a manufacturer of outfits and fake props for beggars.  The story is a crazy ride through the world of thieves, prostitutes, beggars and how Polly’s parents struggle hard to get Macheath put behind  bars.


The festival begins at the end of April and will run through the second week of November. Click her for tickets. 

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