3-D art installations created using commonplace objects are a thing of the past. Sound installation is the new kid on the block! So, how many exhibitions that display sound art creations have you attended? Not many I guess! Well never too late. Welcome to the Sound Reasons Festival. A masterstroke by sound installation artist Zimoun. Minimalist yet tuneful art; an opportunity you must not miss, to experience something beyond extraordinary.

Zimoun- The Man Behind the Sounds

Zimoun is an award-winning sound installation artist, sound sculptor and architect hailing from Bern, Switzerland. His expertise lies in using industrial objects like cardboard boxes, old furniture and plastic bags with a combination of mechanical objects like DC motors, wires, microphones, ventilators and speakers to create unique art installations that resonate pleasant sounds to please the audience. His works have been exhibited in a range of countries including US, Korea, Germany, UK, Belgium, Italy, France and Taiwan to name a few.

His work is an amalgamation of his love for music and art. The installations are minimally designed which emanate soft, low sounds repeated in a pattern. The designs are simple yet reveal careful research on complex sound behavior.

Sound Reasons Festival

Sound Reasons Festival is curated by Indian sound installation artist Ish Shehrawat. The fifth edition of the Sounds Reasons Festival, in association with Swiss Arts Council, is currently happening in Mumbai at Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, and will be on until 30th November, 2016.

Zimoun’s installation that is exhibited at the festival is made of 80 prepared DC motors, cotton balls and cardboard boxes. Apart from Zimoun’s euphonic art work which is the highlight of the show, it will also feature Ish Shehrawat’s ‘diFfuSed beats’ and ‘A Moth and a room’ sound installations. These unique artworks offer the audience an immersive experience, pleasant to their auditory senses.


If you look forward to meet the man himself, Ish Shehrawat will be hosting a ‘Walkthrough’ on Monday, 21st November at 6:30 pm. Our suggestion- Don’t Miss It!!

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