Welcome to the first edition of SERENDIPITY ARTS FESTIVAL!

A celebration of art, craft, music, dance, photography, culinary techniques, theatre and culture!  A dream project, under the aegis of the Serendipity Arts Trust, Serendipity Arts Festival is curated by the who’s who of the creative world. Their endeavor; to create a meeting ground for all, performers, artists, artisans, art lovers and their patrons alike. Block your dates- 16th to the 23rd December, for an experience, like never before!


The festival provides a panoramic vision or art through an array of projects, such as:

Living Traditions curated by Shubha Mudgal

A musical soiree, where artists will pay tribute to Hindustani Classical legends; artistes, who have adapted, to suit the modern recording format and still retained the essence of their heritage.

NatYatra- The journey to Bharatnatyam curated by Tanushree Shankar

Eight contemporary dancers who have recently acquired Bharatnatyam skills from Guru Rama Vaidyanathan, will present three dance pieces. The performance would be a combination of classical and contemporary dance forms.

The Young Subcontinent curated by Riyas Komu

Young artists from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, will collaborate on multiple workshops, exhibitions and residencies to create paintings, sculptures and installations.

Lucid Sleep conceptualized and executed by HH Art Spaces

Live works by seven artists, who will perform unrehearsed, spontaneous pieces on the spot at the venue. It is a unique art program curated by HH Art Spaces and will surely be a distinctive experience for art lovers.

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Talatum – A contemporary take on Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s famous play, The Tempest will come alive in a circus format, with actors from Kerala bringing an Indian touch to the classic play. Needless to say, there will be elements of puppetry, magic, illusion, dance, music and theatre all under a circus tent in a never-seen-before theatrical presentation.

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Pravaha- The flow of life

Various dance troupes will perform Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak, Odissi and Contemporary  dance styles to metaphorically represent the tributaries of a mighty river, to highlight how tributaries contribute to the life of a river, making it as grand and serene as it looks.

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Sandhi- The harmony of Dance and Music

Sandhi is a creative collaboration between a classical dancer and a classical musician. Here both will perform together; the dancer will choreograph while the musician will compose, to present a powerful act on stage. This is to promote and encourage more such creative collaborations in coming times.

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Open Site

Artwork by international artists like Faith47, from South Africa and muralist Roa, from Belgium, will be up for display, on the street walls of Central Goa and elsewhere.

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

Source: Serendipity Arts Festival

For more information, read more about the festival at www.serendipityartsfestival.com

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Gauri Mishra

Gauri Mishra, an economics student at Delhi University is a yoga practitioner and uses art to express. She loves painting and can always be seen cracking lame jokes. Beware when you ask her for an honest opinion, as that's exactly what you will get -honesty, no sugar and candy !

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