Art has always thrived in community. Most artistes say they flourish in environments of co-creation, where no idea is too small, and collaboration is encouraged. This is the driving force behind Jxtapose. A co-working space, nestled away in the quiet lanes of Jubilee hills, Hyderabad.

Launched on 27th May, with a week of exciting events, ranging from an interactive dance performance by Kiranmayee, a metal-art workshop, and a two-day workshop hosted by Pune-based architect/illustrator Anuj Kale, Jxtapose promises to be that one-stop hub for creative people of all kinds.

The Young Visionaries

A vibrant team of seven have come together to create this space. Architects Shruthi Ramesh, Akshay Varma, Sravan Kavalipurapu, Gayathri Kondepudi, Rachana Yerapotina, Prerana Shah and Teja Vanamala, the solitary civil engineer, have been friends for years. They recognized the need for such a space when working on their thesis. Initially the group faced a lot of difficulty. Struggled for the perfect site for months, with nothing working out. Finally they reached out to their already-growing following on social media. Voila! They were able to locate and settle on a space in just 24 hours! The perfect example of the benefits of confluence.

The all in one creative space

The open air front yard at juxtapose is spacious, with ample space for an audience and a well-shaded stage.

The multipurpose ‘maker’s space’ on the ground floor is large, airy, and perfect for artistic activities.
A gallery is in the process of being set up outside the ‘maker’s space’, and also on the walls inside, for artistes to be able to exhibit and sell their work.

A co-working space which can comfortably accommodate eighty. The tables & seats are creatively made from crates and plywood. So informal and eclectic. The Jxtapose team are ready to accommodate the needs of any professional hiring out the space, with sketch-boards, blackboards, meshes partitioning the clusters of desks if the workers so choose, and various other add-ons.

The Robotic Corner- A dedicated space upstairs is for H-Bots, an exciting local venture to educate people about robotics. H-Bots will hold workshops & classes for an already-rising number of students, for any age group interested in the intricacies of robotics.

The place to interact and learn

And that’s not all the team are eager to help the creative professional with. Upon your purchase of a package, along with free use of the space & facilities, the team offers mentorship. Regardless of how obscure your art-form, if the artiste seeks to learn from someone in that field, the team promise to use their wide reach to bring the person down to Jxtapose for a class or just an informal talk. The team plan on organizing regular events & workshops at the space, which a membership will grant you access to, at significantly lower rates.

The place to connect

In an effort to further assist the artistic community, the team are working on an online platform Homestead, akin to Behance, where artistes who work/frequent Jxtapose, can upload showcases & portfolios of their work.

The place to sell

In addition to this, Jxtapose is constructing spaces for small retail outlets, where homegrown artistes can sell their wares.
The creative community in Hyderabad is already giddy with excitement. Book your spot in the co-working space now, with packages starting at Rs 6500 per month for an individual.

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