Ever felt the surge to break free from mundane activities? To find a corner where you can express your emotions? Create art that defines you and follow your passion?

The Road Less Travelled

Nimisha Verma had the courage to take the unbeaten road as she left her home to become an artist. But soon she realized that the road was quite rocky ahead. After struggling to find a place to live in, she along with her brother, decided to create a Home For Artists in Jaipur. Yes, as the name suggests- a home for creative souls to stop by and indulge in their art.

“We were just two of us with no vehicle, no food and we would go from café to café asking them to give us jobs. It was a huge challenge to convince my parents. And tell them I wanted to pursue art” says Nimisha- a painter, photographer and also a freelance model.


Source: Nimisha Verma FB Page

Home for Artists

An initiative by Nimisha to assure a home away from home for artists who need a place to live in and create art or guest artists who are traveling and need accommodation for a few days. Just tap on their door and they’ll welcome you with open arms!

As any other house, this one also has a few ground rules. They start the day with meditation followed by tea and breakfast and a normal day goes by creating art, playing music, storytelling activities, sharing individual experiences and discussing various art topics. This way the artists not only get a space to create their own art but also an opportunity to learn and collaborate.

“Everyone washes their own dishes and smoking isn’t allowed inside the house. I want productivity in the house.”, says the stern Nimisha who manages the house.


Source: Home for Artists

“There are around 15 people from different places and we are all staying together. We all contribute and do different things. Someone’s a doodler; someone’s a writer or a traveler. Only because everyone is working like a family we are able to sustain Home For Artists.” says the excited Nimisha.

Recently, Nimisha’s initiative was featured on the World Art Fortress and she was also one of the speakers at TEDx Bhilwara held earlier this year. Nimisha further adds, “I believe the house has a soul of its own now. It calls people, I don’t call them.”

Source: Nimisha Verma's FB

Source: Nimisha Verma’s FB

Moving Forward

They have even started a weekend café at Home For Artists where people can order anything without paying a fixed menu cost. Instead, there is a donation box kept where people can donate whatever they want to. They are currently offering internships in various fields like content writing, graphic designing, art and painting as they plan to start a magazine of their own.


Talking about her future plans, Nimisha shares “We need a permanent house of our own so that we don’t have to face the insecurity of leaving the rented home when asked by the owner.” Adding on she says, “There is one big vision of mine where I want to set up a university wherein students enroll not for degrees but to learn skills. Artists will be teachers as well as students. People must get a place to stay with a natural and healing environment.”

Although Home For Artists is still in the initial stages of development, the concept has impressed many artists who have chosen to either be a part of it like a family member or pay visits to the home to spend quality time with other creative minds. “You better choose art as a way of living because that is the best way you do it.” says Nimisha.

Source: Nimisha Verma's FB

Source: Nimisha Verma’s FB


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