Pictures can say a thousand words indeed, but a sculpture really puts the message through. This year, to celebrate International Women’s Day, sculptor Kristen Visbal got to work two months before. Fearless Girl is the name given to the sculpture facing off Wall Street’s iconic bronze bull. Fearless Girl stands firm & undeterred, her ponytail stuck in immortal motion, staring down the decades-old ‘Charging Bull’ of Wall Street.

Source: The News Journal

Source: The News Journal

The message is simple

Decades after the Suffragettes rallied for themselves and their unborn sisters, the corporate world still sees a glaring lack of women on their work force. Right from finance to media, the dearth of the female voice signifies a dearth of depth, of perspective, and of empathy. It’s 2017, and the sandwich jokes are getting old. They weren’t funny to begin with.

The plaque at Fearless Girl’s feet say it all – ‘Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.’

The Future is Female

The sculpture was conceptualized, and installed, in collaboration with advertisers McCann New York & financial firm State Street Global Advisors. The art installation was surreptitiously propped up opposite Wall Street’s unofficial mascot on the night before Women’s Day. Fearless Girl stands for a call to arms, a call for more women on Wall Street, in public & private sectors, in the government, and on our screens.

And going by the hundreds of young girls who have imitated her pose and stared the bull down, Fearless Girl gets the message across very well – ‘The future is Female’.

Source: MB News

Source: MB News

Art has been used as a form of protest for generations, and is probably the most effective protest. While everyone can have an opinion and share wordy Facebook posts, a sculpture bang in the middle of the street takes guts and some artistic vision. Closer to home, Sofia Ashraf shows us how it’s done with her protest rap. Whether its a song, painting or a play- Art has and will continue to be the most effective tools used to make a point!

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