Behind every strong woman is a gaggle of humbled & supportive men, who have no doubt that she could have just as easily done it on her own. StageCulture reached out to the men who have watched the pathbreaking women in their lives, influence our country’s artistic climate, and asked them to chime in.

Imaad Shah talks about his friend, bandmate Saba Azad

Anyone who has seen MADBOY/MINK can attest to Imaad & Saba’s intuitive chemistry. They make great music together and have fun, and it shows!


Kartik Shah talks about his wife Nirali Shah

Musical power-couple Kartik & Nirali Shah have formed Maati Baani, and aim to put Indian classical music on a global map by collaborating with different genres.


Shikhar Manchanda talks about his sister Anushka Manchanda

Musician, actress, model – all-around badass – Anushka Manchanda shot to fame with her band Viva!, and recently acted in Pan Nalin’s Angry Young Goddesses. Her brother Shikhar has played the guitar for Reverse Polarity, and the both of them have combined musical forces to make music for advertisements.



Vivaan Shah talks about his mother Ratna Pathak Shah

Not only does Vivaan Shah share family photo-frame-space with Ratna Pathak Shah, but they’ve performed together as well! Riding Madly Off in All Directions featuring the entire Shah clan brought to life essays of Stephen Leacock, and opened at Prithvi Theatre’s annual festival.


Kenny Sebastian talks about his friend Kaneez Surka

One of the first ladies of stand-up in India, Kaneez Surka has been the face of improvisational humour. She forms a quarter of The Improvisers, with Kenny Sebastian, Kanan Gill, and Abish Mathew forming the rest!


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