It is said, there are as many definitions to poetry as there are poets. What better way to express your emotions than through verse and rhythm. Fortunately, many a poetry clubs have mushroomed all over the country. So if you are a gifted amateur, or simply possess a passion for, or a good ear for poetry, the following are the clubs you need to sign up for.


Poetry Couture

Raghavendra Madhu let go off a lucrative job and founded Poetry Couture in 2014. The club currently runs across five cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Jaipur. The vision is to explore multi-lingual poetry and bring it to the level of stand-up comedy scene in India.


Delhi Poetry Slam

Delhi Poetry Slam (DelSlam) was started in December, 2013, as a platform to promote ‘word performers’. DelSlam hosts poetry competitions, literary festivals, writing contests and workshops all across India.

Poets’ Corner

Founders and organizers of Delhi Poetry Festival, ‘Poets Corner’ is a well-known poetry club with about 3000 active members. Committed to revive and promote poetry, their children’s wing – NewLeaf Poets Club works with school children. Guiding and honing their skills, to help them to get published.


This tribe of poets believes in bringing together the scattered community of poets under one roof and share their creation with the world. Anybody who feels he or she is a poet can walk in to present their piece.


The Poetry Club

Started in 2013, by Trupthi Shetty and Ankita Shah, TPC is group of enthusiastic poets who gather once a month to perform. A platform for under confident, shy poets to share, grow and become better in a non-competitive environment.

The Poetry Circle

Menka Shivdasani and Anju Makhija co-founded, The Poetry Circle in 1986. Ever since, lovers of poetry, regardless of their age, have participated enthusiastically and kept its spirit alive. Acclaimed and unsung poets of Mumbai, have at some point or the other been associated with this circle.

UnErase Poetry

An initiative to promote and encourage spoken word, UnErase Poetry has regular performances and meet-ups. They do a great job of documenting their sessions on video, many of which have gone viral. Much like this poem by Aranya Johar, that became quite a rage in the digital world.


Mocking Birds

Founded in the year 2015, this group of young Tamil and English poets gather twice every month to share their poems and experiences. It’s like a usual open mic session and the name is inspired from the acclaimed novel ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’.


Twin Cities Poetry Club

Founded in 2012, they’re all about poetic readings and poetry writing. Their monthly meetings provide a platform for anybody who wants to dabble in poetry, irrespective of form, structure, language or genre.


Anjuman- Hindi\Urdu Poetry Club

An exclusive forum where people not only perform their original poems but also recite works of other celebrated poets. Members catch up once every month.

Write Out Loud

An art space at Indiranagar- Lahe Lahe organizes poetry sessions every Tuesday. Defined as ‘soul on paper’ Write Out Loud encourages poets to pen down their thoughts and involves holistic discussions on different styles and forms. It is one of the few associations that encourages a more interactive based expression than just reading out poetry to an audience.


Performance Poetry

A group of English Literature students got together to form, ‘Performance Poetry’. Judged by the audience, the recitations could be theatrical pieces, dramatic monologues, or simple storytelling. The group gathers once every month.

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