Roopa In Flux

Performing as part of The Park’s New Festival, Roopa In Flux, is a band that mixes genres and languages like seasoning in a well-cooked meal. Carnatic, Jazz, Folk and RnB styles work in tandem with lyrics in native languages, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit and English.

The Entourage

Roopa Mahadevan, key vocalist, takes melody and music to another level. Accompanied by Guy Mintus on the piano, Anjna Swaminathan on the violin, and Rohan Krishnamurthy on the percussions. It’s hard to assign a set genre to the music they are doing. Since three have strong Carnatic backgrounds while Guy has a strong jazz and Maquam background.

The  Mission

To balance various cultural identities. Celebrate individuality and yet respect old traditions and divergent points of view.  Endeavour towards doing away with the elitism and narrow-mindedness associated with classical and traditional music. Make melody that is more relevant, universal and inclusive. Roopa in Flux reflects the various worlds, value systems, personalities, and approaches to life that the band itself embodies. It firmly believes one cannot evolve without changing the form somewhat.

The Essence

What is uniform however is the sense of soul, honesty, and searching they bring to the music. Neither traditional nor simply ‘crossover’ superficial blending of the western and non-western styles. Rather, music that has an aesthetic completeness to it. Music that binds and unites. Music without boundaries.

Watch Roopa In Flux perform live at the following venues. A well-deserved surprise in store for all audiences at The Park’s New Festival 2017


13th September – G5A Foundation for Contemporary Culture

16th September – The Park, Hyderabad

20th September – The Park, Bangalore

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