Right from his first EP – Koocha Monster (2013) – to releasing Raja Baja to millions of salivating & adoring fans, India’s Dubstep/Electronic Music/Bass poster boy- Nucleya has come a long way.

Source: NishantMatta.com

Source: NishantMatta.com

Raja Baja was released in late August 2016, and blew an entire generation’s mind.

The album starts strong with Lights which oscillates between melodious and heavy. Catchy tune and familiar sundowner vibes aside, Lights successfully sets the tone for what unfolds to being a truly consistent and fresh album.

Avneet Khurmi’s powerful voice interspersed with Nucleya’s familiar techy swirls and unfamiliar big-room instrumentals, Jind Mahi is a happy song, one that has potential to pump the spring in any step.

Nucleya and DIVINE, rapper and Mumbai’s own, then bring on the third song, Scene Kya Hai.

A phrase all too well known, and often thrown around, with ‘kids these days’. DIVINE is a revelation, bringing Indian hip-hop to the forefront once again. His collaboration with Nucleya has brought out the best in him, and his music.

Bhayanak Atma brings to mind Koocha Monster and Nucleya’s forte for mixing entire lines of dialogue from Indian cinema/entertainment with his music.

What else would make a crowd go wild than to recognize a word in their mother tongue in the midst of louder-than-life alien music? A brave and worthwhile collaboration with Gagan Mudgal – well-loved television personality – Bhayanak Atma is my favourite track from this album.

Kavya Trehan (singer/songwriter based in Delhi) helps Nucleya bring the album to a melodious finish with Take Me There. The song is definitely Nucleya all the way but Kavya’s voice is an added treat in the middle of vertigo-inducing drops.

I’m grateful for Nucleya – I really am. I’m happy that there are people taking risks with music, and getting a varied range of genres out there for the Indian public to access. It’s wonderful to see young India wake up to music that has been dominating the global charts for half a decade now. It can only get better now!

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