When Panache Academy of Technology, Sound and Visual Arts (PATSAV) was formally launched in 2007, it was simply Panache – the DJ School. Nestled in Abids, towards the ‘older’ side of Hyderabad, Panache was established with humble beginnings, but a wealth of potential.

The Mission

Founder, Navdeep Ahuja’s aim was to build a center of education which would inspire minds interested in music & sound engineering and guide those who wished to pursue it seriously. The social construct that the arts are great ‘as a hobby’ proves lethal to a country’s cultural heritage. PATSAV aims to fill the gap between the artiste and the artiste-aspirant, between the student and the teacher.

The Inspiration 

The idea for PATSAV took seed in Navdeep’s mind when he saw his younger brother DJ Nitesh struggle to procure an education in sound engineering.  The idea was reinforced further when close friend DJ Piyush Bajaj shared snippets about his arduous self-facilitated educational journey in music. A career counsellor, Navdeep’s own training came in handy, when during an education fair, he noticed an immense amount of interest in the possibility of a DJ school.

The Academy and the Facilities

Soon he had qualified sound engineers rallying together, advising him and the first center was opened in Abids. The second came about a year later, in Banjara Hills. The latest is in Gachibowli.  A comprehensive audio academy, with the best in equipment and facilities. Impeccable care has gone into creating the space. Spotless interiors, latest sound equipment, and a well-protected recording studio that would inspire just about anyone to take their place behind the mic, or at the controls. The demo-room is an exciting space set up next to the café. Visitors can have a spin at the equipment here to get their palates wet for what the school offers.

The Curriculum

As one of India’s few full-fledged audio academies, PATSAV offers courses in subjects all across the wide board of sound engineering. Following the wave of Visual DJing, wherein background visuals are paid equal attention to as the music itself, a course in photography and visual design has been added to the roster recently.

Students here receive the kind of holistic schooling that our engineering factories, oh, I mean colleges, skip out on. Learning about sound engineering from field experts, making art and maneuvering music, and learning how to promote themselves and build a ‘brand’ – these are just a few of the things that makes Ahuja refer to a course at PATSAV as a mini-MBA. Panache also spares no kind of expense in ensuring that its students are mentored by the best in the field. Some of the biggest names in the music industry have given talks, held classes, and engaged with the students here.

A Safe Haven for music enthusiasts

What sets PATSAV apart from any other school is the immense care put into the syllabus. It respects the sanctity of the art and gives the artiste enough space to grow; while at the same time, it follows a strict decorum which allows no space for frivolity or unproductivity. PATSAV is the perfect haven for emerging DJ’s, sound engineers, budding visual media and music enthusiasts, event managers, to experiment with art & technology in their strive towards perfection.


When StageCulture asked Navdeep what he would like to #GetMore of, he replied that he wants better access to the wealth of talent that Hyderabad has to offer, more platforms to showcase this talent, and more opportunities to create an infrastructure where the talent can explore themselves.

PATSAV wins ‘Best Education Centre Award’

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