Karan Joseph a.k.a Madfingers, was a creative genius. An artist with a rare ear for sound. An unorthodox musician who could mix contrasting genres seamlessly. The sudden death of such a performer, a young maverick with talent immense is sad if not shocking. A life cut short with so much still to be shared, still to be heard. Those unsung keys, those mad fingers, are all going to be terribly missed.

StageCulture pays a humble tribute by bringing you some of the best that you will ever hear from the late free spirited musician.

Karan loved to play with sounds, as is well evidenced in this jam session

A breezy jazzy collaboration with Bianca Love, reminiscent of beloved dive bar music

A rare, improvised jam session

A brilliant take on Coltrane’s Giant Steps at a Sofar Sounds session

Jamming with the lovely Heather Andrews

 A musician’s musician.

Godspeed, Madfingers. See you on the other side.

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