is India’s singular online radio station solely dedicated to the thriving-yet-nascent alternative music culture. A curated platform of sounds that showcases the best the country has to offer. It was launched in April 2017, with a show featuring British producer Romare & Dualist Inquiry.

The Pioneers 

Mohammed Abood aka DJ MoCity, founder of the ubiquitous Reggae Rajahs, and festival and events curator, understands the business of music better than most. Struck by the dearth of a comprehensive platform for an independent music scene in India he came up with the idea of Co-founder Sahej Bakshi, aka Dualist Inquiry, one of our country’s leading electronic musicians, has been an equally integral part of.

Interviews, Gigs and Live Streaming

The online radio channel promises to feature guest DJs in live sessions, interviews and discussions. As a part of this ambitious project, the team behind has introduced Boxout Wednesdays – a weekly residency that has been taking place since March. The first Boxout Wednesday was headlined by American club legend Tittsworth & underground MC Brooklyn Shanti.

The music playlists for the channel is sourced from the guest mixes that such artists play at BoxoutWednesdays, and BoxoutSocial from Socials all over India. Apart from this, the platform will also stream already existing shows like Pressure Drop, Truth & Rights and Motellacast among others.

Each gig will be streamed live on Facebook, hoping to showcase sounds and styles that promote underground culture, whilst building a community that is underserved and overlooked by mainstream media.

Underground finally gets its due is the start of something beautiful. Go through the catalogue of shows on the station, and you will be struck by the variety of sounds and mixes from the independent music community available. Some of the must-follow shows on are ‘through the smog’ –a show of sets compiled by Suchi Ahuja showcasing sounds from the English underground, ‘world ocean’ -dedicated to the universal sound of bass, and ‘Beyond the Abyss’ -the gorgeous IDM/minimal-heavy show for ‘chronic daydreamers’. is a fantastic, and hopeful, indication of where music in our country is headed. Tune in to discover what the scene has to offer!

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