Boiler Room has cemented itself over the past six years as the global online music broadcaster for underground music. Its debut edition in Mumbai last year was a runaway success.  Tales of music scenes from around the globe, a secret venue, some amazing independent artists, music lovers were in for a high like never before. This internet based documenter is back in the country with its second edition of Budweiser x Boiler Room What’s Brewing In…Bengaluru, on 7th April. 

Artist Line Up:

Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke

Having already proved themselves on the underground scene the diverse duo of Zora Jones and Sinjin Hawke are headlining and co-curating the event. Look out for these Barcelona based producers who are all set to bring their imaginative, futuristic, and trippy take on electronic sounds to Bengaluru.

Aerate Sound

Watch out for the audio-visual collaboration between musician Joe Panicker, and visual artist Naquash. 


You just cannot miss Kumail! One of the country’s youngest producers experimenting with electronic music in all genres, from rap to dubstep. In his six years of exploring electronica, hip hop and other genres, he has beautifully donned the DJ hat with equal ease as that of a producer, making every live set a unique, crazy experience.

JLin & Avril Stormy Unger

Get up close with JLin the critically acclaimed electronic musician from Gary, Indiana who shot to fame with ‘Erotic Heat’. She will collaborate with Avril Stormy Unger, Bengaluru’s own choreographer and artist. Avril is the founder of The Storm Factory where she collaborates with artists from varied backgrounds.

And finally, the most important question – How to get there?

Entry is by invite so RSVP HERE NOW!!!  

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