I am sure at some point, growing up as an Indian kid you’ve had to listen to,‘ ‘Yeh Dance -vance toh theek hai, good as a hobby, but job toh beta Engineering, Medicine ya M.B.A degree hi degi!”  The Lord only knows how many artists’ dreams this one line has silenced and nipped in the bud forever!


The Danceworx Company

However the times are changing! Academies like The Danceworx Company, are like manna from heaven for budding dancers around the country! Founded in 1998 by the critically acclaimed dancer-choreographer Ashley Lobo, the academy runs along the lines of acclaimed International dance Institutes. It offers various courses and also regularly hosts visiting faculty, from all over the world. The Danceworx believes in the facilitation of evolving artists. With over 5500 students and 18 studios across New Delhi, NCR and Mumbai, Danceworx is instrumental in honing and nurturing footwork talent.

Ashley Lobo- The Man behind it!

Lobo’s involvement in theatre and dance goes back over 30 years. While growing up in Bombay, he worked with directors and choreographers like Alyque Padamsee, Krishna Bhargava, Celia Lobo, Karla Singh, Salome Roy Kapoor and others, in several productions like Best of Broadway, Grease, Cascades, They’re Playing Our Song, Cabaret, Evita, etc. He also studied dance at the Bodenweiser Dance Centre and the much-reputed Sydney Dance Company, Australia. His theatrical outings include, The Nutcracker (Ballet Theatre Queensland, Brisbane), The Wiz (Barre Theatre Co., Sydney) and West Side Story (Barre Theatre Co., Sydney). Back home, he has also been guest faculty at National School of Drama and Barry John’s IMAGO School of Theatre Studies.


Philosophy of the Academy

The students are taught that Dance is not limited to steps alone, but it includes a wider understanding of self, creativity, movement and physiology. They are expected to hone their craft and work on their personality. They focus on inner strength, belief, and develop strong values.

Professional Dance Certificate Program

Apart from regular classes covering a curriculum that consists of styles such as Jazz, Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Urban/Funk, the company has a unique certificate program in dance. This three year intensive course that matches international standards, aims at helping young dancers pursue dance as a feasible and sustainable career choice.


The Danceworx Student Repertory Company

The Repertory Company was set up with more than 100 senior students hand-picked by Ashley Lobo, himself. These budding artists are given opportunities to teach, perform and choreograph on various platforms, concerts, festivals, television and theatrical productions etc. They follow a special curriculum. Essentially, the repertory enables students to redefine their potential and develop a movement philosophy of their own.

Check out www.thedanceworx.com for more!

About The Author

Pranati Goturi

Pranati Goturi is a National level Kuchipudi dancer, actor and theatre enthusiast. An ambitious go-getter, hopeless dreamer and a consultant RJ for Radio Mirchi Hyderabad, she satisfies her experimental urges by self-producing her dance shows through her foundation Aathmeeya. Other matters of the heart include films, literature, dogs and chocolates.

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