The Park’s New Festival 2017’s contemporary dance section belongs to Prakriti Excellence in Contemporary Dance Awards (PECDA’s) finalists and winners. PECDA is Prakriti Foundation’s biannual dance competition dedicated to promote budding and deserving contemporary dancers in our country.

1. Architect of Self Destruction by Abhilash Ningappa 

Architect of Self Destruction is an ‘experience of movement’. A contemporary dance performance by Abhilash Ningappa that won the PECDA in 2016. It explores the concept of destruction and self-destruction as a tool for breaking social systems. Ningappa has worked extensively across India and Europe. Conducting workshops, performing dances and choreographing. He is also a yoga practitioner and a martial arts teacher. Trained in Kalaripayattu, his work is heavily influenced by it. His dance is all about the human body reacting to different emotional states. Watch him create wonders with improvisation!

2. Hands and Face Project by Diya Naidu

 A protégé of Bengaluru’s Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Diya Naidu created her first solo piece Nadir in 2010.  Admirably she received the Robert Bosch Young Choreographers Award also in 2010. She was also one of the finalists at PECDA 2016. Naidu’s dance moves are staged against stark visuals on a screen in the background. Her movements are fearless and free. A social experiment Hands and Face Project explores the question – ‘Who or what are we afraid of?’ Emerging out of a research program, this performance explores fear in context with women and public spaces in India. The piece also delves into the age old issues of caste and class in the country. It explores the possibility of contact, outside these stipulated boundaries. With footage filmed in public spaces as a back drop enhanced by a powerful performance in the front, this one’s surely not to be missed!

3. Urban Chaos by Parth Bhardwaj 

Bhardwaj is yet another young master from Attakkalari. He works with Attakkalari’s Repertory Company. Sets up educational projects for their Mobile Academy whilst designing his own choreographies as well. At The Park’s New Festival 2017, Bhardwaj brings Urban Chaos. Recipient of a Special Jury Mention Award at PECDA 2016, this piece is choreographed and directed by Bhardwaj.  An actor and a dancer explore the chaos of urban lifestyles. How ever-expanding unplanned metro cities affect a particular individual and his/her life? Watch Urban Chaos performed by Dipika Arvind and Fawaas Ahmed at The Park’s New Festival 2017.

4. F4 by Virieno Christina Zakiesato 

Zakiesato is an intuitive dancer. A movement artist and choreographer from Nagaland. Her work is based on the effects of instinctive reactions and their physiological responses. F4 (The Fight-Flight-Freeze-Friendly Response) is a series of such instinctive reactions by a person who is confronted with stressful survival situations. Zakiesato who holds a keen interest in somatic movement (bodywork that internalises body movement) is also accomplished in Indian and Western classical dance forms. She is currently Artist-in-Residency for contemporary dance in Zurich. Selected by the Swiss Arts Council – Pro Helvetia.

5. Folktale by Surjit Nongmeikapam (Bonbon) 

Folktale is a dance piece choreographed by Surjit Nongmeikapam (Bonbon) and performed by Nachom Arts of Contemporary Movement, Manipur. The humble fruit- The Lime is the protagonist of this story. It represents the good and bad qualities in any human being. Qualities that give him/her their unique identity. Two time winner of PECDA (2014 and 16), Nachom Arts of Contemporary Movement bring this visually and musically compelling piece to The Park’s New Festival 2017 to emphasize that states have no real boundaries. Folktale adapts Manipur’s age old tradition of storytelling for this piece. Picturise an elder sitting on the traditional mat ‘Phak’, narrating folktales to children. Only difference that this story is told through movement, not words. Check out the teaser of Folktale on YouTube.

Save the Date for Prakriti’s Dance Events at TPNF 2017 : 

7th September- Sri Ram Centre, Delhi

9th September- ICCR Auditorium, Kolkata

12th September- Sitara Studio, Mumbai

15th September- University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad

19th September- GuruNanak Bhavan Auditorium, Bengaluru


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