Pammi Aunty is stylish, wears a green face mask, wraps her head with a purple towel and wears pink oversized sunglasses! But behind the mask is Ssumier Pasricha– suave, intelligent and ambitious! We got chatting with him and got some cool insights on his journey so far.

What was your childhood like?

I belong to a very fun loving Punjabi family. I’m very close to my mom’s side and all my cousins. When I was 7-8 years old, my teachers encouraged me to pursue theatre and singing. And my mother provided with all the support. She would take me for rehearsals and competitions. You know when a child gets a little encouragement he can do wonders!


You are also a trained Kuchipudi dancer. How did Acting happen?

Yes, I’ve been trained in Kuchipudi under Guru Raja-Radha Reddy. I also trained in semi-classical Hindustani vocal and classical music for over thirteen years.

I even dabbled with a jewellery business, exported granite and marbles, worked at restaurants but one thing was always constant- my love for acting.

It got me to Mumbai where I auditioned for several roles but nothing seemed to work out. Until one day Sasural Simar Ka happened! A huge blessing from God.

What process do you follow to create your videos?

I keep an eye on what is happening in the world because Pammi Aunty loves to talk about that. Otherwise story chalti rehti hai. Itna Punjabi masala hai, jitna daalo utna kam hai. I never write my lines. I just rant them a few times before shooting the video. My friends call me pagal because there are times I’m driving and I start talking like Pammi aunty when an idea strikes my mind.

Many comedians have begun to cross-dress. Is that a trend?

If you go back in time, men used to cross dress since women weren’t allowed to act. For me it’s a part of the act and it supports the content I am trying to create. And I am sure its likewise for the other comedians. They wouldn’t be successful if they just dressed up as women and had bad content.


When can we see Sarla Bhenji  and other characters?

Well, as names I’ve been introducing new characters. Maybe there would be some more. How and when I introduce them physically, I shall be able to reveal only later 😉

Collaborating with other Artists?

See Pammi aunty is a Punjabi woman. Anybody associated with Pammi aunty has to understand Punjabi. I’m open to collaborations, something fun, where Pammi aunty doesn’t get diluted. I did my 50th episode with Gunjan Utreja. He understands Punjabi, has a good comic timing and is a great actor. I’m planning another video with him. I would love to work with Diljit Dosanjh though.

Will we see Pammi Aunty perform live?

So far I have done corporate events where Pammi aunty performs live. But I am not sure if I am ready to take up more of that! I still need to work on establishing Pammi aunty. I keep getting invites from countries like Tanzania and Brazil where people want me to perform. But Pammi aunty still needs some time 🙂

What do you want to #GetMore of?

I want more love for Pammi aunty. For people to trust her and not judge her. Think about it, Pammi aunty is about 55-60 years old at a time where most naanis, daadis are way too sophisticated. I want more ways to preserve Pammi aunty in the minds of audiences. Like this photographer Ashish Chawla commented, “Pammi aunty is the documentation of the generation which is getting extinct.”

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