Vir Das is undoubtedly the king of stand-up comedy in India. From pursuing a Bachelor’s in Economics and theatre, to being one of the most sought after, multi-talented youngsters in the entertainment industry, Das has explored and excelled in a variety of things. His fans admire and easily relate, to his no nonsense, edgy attitude.

Source: Vir Das FB

Source: Vir Das FB

In addition to his rib tickling comedy, here are five reasons why we absolutely love this man!

He ridicules objectification of women spot on!

A majority of the advertisement industry, promotes products by objectifying women. Whether these women have anything to do with the products is a debate for another day. Vir Das nailed it with his own advertisement. In the video, Das tries to recline sexily in a sari, tries to balance on a bike, lounges in a bathtub, suggestively licks a Popsicle and even falls from ‘heaven’. The idea- to show that though it all seems ridiculous when done by a man, nobody even winces when women are frequently objectified in a similar manner!

Your Board mark sheet is not who you are!

When I stumbled upon this beautiful video by Das (which went monstrously viral), I couldn’t help but feel grateful to the guy. When everybody including parents and friends were anxious, it was wonderful to see kids muster strength and courage from a 3 minute video by a complete stranger.

Belief and Country two different things

It’s a dangerous topic, this! Vir Das, however, spoke about it and basically owned it. A mere statistical fact that Hinduism is majorly practiced in India cannot be used to grossly tag the entire country as Hindu. This video will leave you in splits! But you’ll also be left thinking. Perhaps that is why comedy is a serious job!

The Subtle Fashion Designer

When I watch fashion shows, I am often left wondering how any of those clothes can be worn by normal people, leading normal lives. Vir Das debuted as a designer at the, 2015 Lakme Fashion Week. He designed tees that carried hilarious one liners. Tees! Wearable by people like you and me!


He Sings!

Vir started Alien Chutney- India’s premier comedy-rock band. They create parodies and funny covers which leave you in splits as you groove. Basically the man is funny, intelligent, quite a rockstar and good looking! Here’s when you argue with God for being unfair and giving it all to one single person.

The Youth Icon

From spearheading India’s first and foremost comedy consultancy to curating the multi-city, ‘Weirdass Pajama Festival’, to heralding India’s premier comedy-rock band, Alien Chutney, Vir Das is involved in a myriad things. He inspires us to constantly reinvent and come up with innovative content. He’s all about conviction and dedication. And he’s definitely all about breaking stereotypes!

Source: DNA

Source: DNA

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