YouTube personality, vlogger, comedian, and actress, Lilly Singh aka llSuperwomanll is a class apart. Armed with an amazing repertoire of corny anecdotes, she has a witty take on almost every subject and situation which, growing up as a South Asian in a multicultural but predominantly White country presents.


From YouTube videos, to successful collaborations with celebrities, to a feature film, to her World Tour, to her debut book, Lilly Singh has done it all. And now the unstoppable ‘Superwoman’ is coming to India. On a world tour to promote her debut book, she has three shows scheduled; one each, in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi, on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of April respectively. Click here for tickets.

A Superwoman is born

In her own words, this YouTube sensation was born out of melancholy. During her graduating years, one lonesome day, feeling mighty depressed she happened to upload a YouTube video. Since then there’s been no looking back. A self-professed workaholic, this powerhouse of talent, fuels her act almost singlehandedly. She is the writer, actor, director, editor, all rolled in one. Of course, she has an amazing support team which she calls team Super or Unicorns.

Finding YouTube Success

Her first YouTube video was released in 2010. It received only seventy views. Since then, she has been through a constant process of learning and improving. Most of the content on her YouTube videos is derived from her own experiences. She does hilarious impersonations of her (fictional) mom, dad, uncle, aunt, and the community in general.  Her comedy is heartening and positive.


A Global Icon

Superwoman’s online fame has led to many collaborations with illustrious international artistes like Dwayne Johnson, Priyanka Chopra, Jimmy Fallon, Madhuri Dixit, James Franco, Seth Rogen and Jay Sean. Apart from her videos, Lilly has made a documentary film called, A Trip to Unicorn Island which embodies her philosophy- ‘Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for’.

And yeah, if that’s not all she is also a super talented rapper! Most recently, she has come out with her first book, How to be a Bawse. She has also been running successful hash tag campaigns, namely, #GirlLove to promote positive bonding among women and partnered with MEtoWE to promote the product #GirlLoveRafiki bracelet to promote girls education in Kenya. A global icon, youth around the world look up to her for inspiration and confidence.


Awards, Accolades and Fandom

Apart from a MTV fandom award and the three Streamy awards, Lilly has also bagged a People’s Choice Award in the category of favorite YouTube star this year. She is one of the first South Asian YouTube artist’s to be on Billboard. She has been featured in the Forbes magazine and made it twice to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Her fandom stretches worldwide and she boasts of almost 11 million plus subscribers to her YouTube channel.

Her popularity rests largely on her easily relatable content and the wit and confidence with which she performs. Not only is she a superb actor, but she does the accents and voices extremely well. Dabbling in writing and rapping is further testimonial to her myriad talents. Lilly Singh is truly a llSuperwomanll in all senses!

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