Not so long ago, a decision was made in the country that had a ripple effect on every industry and every strata of society. Time will judge the efficiency of this move, and if it really will be able to abolish corruption (as it claims to). Until then, all we can do is sweat/freeze it out in long lines, feel smug watching nervous, rich people, and resort to people funnier than us to lay down the burns on demonetization.

Here it goes. Hope this keeps you entertained while you wait for your turn to withdraw cash!

Amit Tandon, Delhi’s favourite observational comic lays it down

All India Bakchod lending their trademark on-the-nose commentary!

“Sarkaar chintit hai ki 90% logo ne andar daal diya hai”; thus began Vasu Primlani’s scathing take

“Basically turning our currency into the worst iPhone keynote speech ever”; Our man Vir Das nailing it as usual in his trademark #Potcast

And not to miss, Sawan Dutta’s ode to the beloved 500 Rupee note

I am sure we can expect more material from our artists about demonetization and its effects. This isn’t something that’s blowing over anytime soon, and as we have always dealt with news that turns our lives upside down – we’ll laugh it off.

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