Born on 24th December 1989, Kanan Gill is one of the leading stand-up and improv comedians of India. He quit his job as a software engineer and kick-started his comedy career with the ever popular- Pretentious Movie Reviews (alongside Biswa Kalyan Rath).

On his birthday, let us whizz through 7 times we loved the rib-tickling Kanan Gill:

1. When he and Biswa did this priceless ‘pretentious’ review of Hum Saath Saath Hai. 

2. When he reminded us of our school debates.

3. When he got candid with Abish Mathew.

4. When he gave us an accurate account of making plans with friends.

5. When he mocked childhood swearing and promises

6. When he tried to predict the future.

7. When he exhibited his rap skills on THE LIVING ROOM and cracked us up.



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